Surface Features on Mars

... or Photogeology

Mars has just about a little bit of everything.


The Volcanos of Tharsis: Arsia Mons, Pavonis Mons, Ascaeus Mons, and Olympus Mons:

Olympus Mons is the biggest volcano in the solar system:


Giant Chasms

Valles Marineris ("the Mariner Valley"):

what caused this?

and lots of Impact Craters

What have we learned?

An enormous photomosaic of Mars from the Viking Orbiter is here. (and I mean big -- 2.6Mb!)

But what's it like being on Mars?

Landers (Viking [1976], Pathfinder [1997]) have shown us:

With frost!

Pathfinder gave us even better views, in 3D!