Examples of Sexual Harassment

Below are a few examples activities that could be considered sexual harassment if unwelcome. The list is meant only to give an idea of what can be considered sexual harassment.

  • Direct or indirect threats or bribes for unwanted sexual activity

  • Sexual innuendos and comments

  • Intrusive sexually explicit questions

  • Sexually suggestive sounds or gestures such as sucking noises, winks, or pelvic thrusts

  • Repeatedly asking a person out for dates, or to have sex

  • Touching, patting, punching, stroking, squeezing, tickling, or brushing against a person

  • A neck/shoulder massage

  • Rating a person's sexuality

  • Ogling or leering, staring at a woman's breast or a man's derriere

  • Spreading rumors about a person's sexuality

  • Name-calling, such as bitch, whore, or slut

  • Sexual Ridicule

  • Frequent jokes about sex or males/females

  • Letters, notes, telephone calls, or material of a sexual nature

  • Pervasive displays of pictures, calendars, cartoons, or other materials with sexually explicit or graphic content

  • Stalking a person

  • Attempted or actual sexual assault